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Tevez ruled out

Some bad news from international week:
City have been dealt a big blow ahead of Saturday's game against Arsenal with the news that Carlos Tevez will miss out to a knee injury picked up on internatioanl duty.

Mark Hughes has also admitted that there are fitness worries over Robinho, who lined up against Tevez in Brazil's 3-1 win over Argentina last weekend.

"We heard yesterday (Monday) that Carlos had a knee problem, our doctor has spoken to the Argentine medical people and the feeling is that he is out for the weekend so he will not play against Arsenal," confirmed the boss.

"The hope is that he will be OK for the derby, but we will have to determine that when he comes back. He is staying with the national squad because he needs acute treatment at the early stage of the injury, which is what he can get now. Flying him back quickly might compromise the injury, so he will be back towards the end of the week so we can assess him and hopefully get him ready for the United game."

Given Tevez has looked impressive during his brief spell thus far, and has struck up a useful partnership with Adebayor it is a blow that Tevez misses out, particularly if Robinho also misses out.

Although there are other options, will this force Hughes into the rotation he suggested and we adopt a more defensive looking approach for what are a pair of important games?