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Shades of Arsenal

So thinks former Arsenal player (and City fan) Lee Dixon in his BBC column (with a nod to Jack for the link):
I'll say it again, balance will be the key to City's success this season.

But they are still a tour de force going forward as well.

At Fratton Park, they employed Emmanuel Adebayor as the key frontman, with Carlos Tevez, Bellamy, Wright-Phillips and Ireland supporting and inter-changing behind.

There's something Arsenal-esque about City this season. All the forwards swap positions, drift wide, drop deep, as well as burst behind the defence. They have a similar fluidity and movement - even if they are not quite up to Arsenal's standards on that front just yet.

It is a good point Dixon makes regarding the make up of our attack, with Adebayor the focal point with Tevez, Robinho, Wright-Phillips and Bellamy a fluid support cast, capable of switching positions and making it difficult for defences to control.

Whilst other positions have been ugraded during 2009, it is the attack where the most fundamental change has been seen. 2008/09 saw a largely lifeless attacking threat and Hughes has certainly remedied this with the moves he has made.

The loser in this though could be Martin Petrov. An out and out 'old style' attacking threat on the wing, far less of a fit in Hughes' 2009/10 formation from what we have seen so far.

He still remains an attacking threat, and Hughes (much to the relief of the majority of fans) values him highly enough to thwart a move to Tottenham, but the majority of his action may be coming off the bench as it is difficult to see Hughes opting for Petrov in his 'go-to' side.