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"There's an understanding that at times the next game or opposition might not be the right one for them to be in the side.

"I look at the opposition and the threats our players can make - against different teams you need different threats. That will always come into my thinking, and the players understand that. It's about making sure we have the right team for the right opposition."

>>Mark Hughes.

Whilst we now have a squad where we can more or boast a strong enough squad to give two players for each position, I don't see a situation where we make three or four changes on a game by game basis.

Even allowing for a lengthy run in both domestic cup competitions, we do not have the added burden of European football (with the travel involved as much as an effect as the games themselves) to contend with. This negates the need to generally 'freshen up' a side and to ensure players are given a spell out every so often.

Although early days in the 2009/10 season, we have performed as required so far to give ourselves a decent enough platform. Whilst we will see one or two changes as required - Bellamy for Robinho an example, or the likely introduction of a Kompany or de Jong to the midfied - as much as talk of being a squad game is espoused, there will be not be regular wholesale changes.

Therefore we will likely see a number of frustrated (and high profile) players as the season.

Keeping them satisfied with a lack of meaningful playing time could well be one of Hughes's biggest challenges this season.