"The club have set their sights high this year and backed that up in the transfer market," said Robinho.

"There have been great additions - now we need to understand we must be stronger mentally.

"If we can be like that this season and have what it takes to go for the title. The more I think about it, the more I think this year must be our year."

Whilst the comments may be somewhat overstated, do they equally not convey a message of being happy at the club? In addition, there has been nothing in his performances to suggest he is in any way unahppy or disllusioned at the club.

Rumours of Robinho's discontent have been present virtually since he signed for the club, and unfortunately appear to be an unwanted by product of having a player of his profile and reputation, but I would suggest the latest reports are little more than trying to engineer a story out of nothing.