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Praise for Weiss

From Mark Hughes:
"We have high hopes for Vladi. He knows he is still very early in his development, when he came out of the Academy last year I think it was all a little bit too much for him. He found the step up difficult to negotiate initially.

"But, we knew we had a talented boy on our hands. What he needed to understand were the expectations and the responsibility that comes with being a professional footballer, in terms of what is expected of him on the field.

"At times he was finding it difficult to take on board what he needed to do with regard to his positional play and his responsibilities. However he has worked exceptionally hard and deserved his chance at the end of last season. I was really pleased to be able to get him on in that last game, and he really thrived in that little time he had against Bolton."

You get the sense that Hughes and the coaching staff are certainly enamoured with Weiss. He does look to have physically matured since 2008/09, and has been involved in the squad for each game this season (with an appearance at the Camp Nou).

Whilst the path to the first team is undoubtedly a tougher one to negotiate than in seasons past, it is not merely cliche to state if you are good enough then you will get your opportunities.

We are blessed with attacking threat in the squad, but it appears certain that Weiss will see extended playing time over the course of this season.