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No Adebayor appeal

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Manchester City announce that both the club and Emmanuel Adebayor have reluctantly accepted the violent conduct charge laid by the Football Association in the wake of the victory over Arsenal.

The player strongly maintains that he did not intend to act in a violent manner.

He apologised on the day to Robin van Persie personally and to the wider public for the outcome of the challenge.

We await the findings of the FA's Disciplinary Panel which is due to meet tomorrow.

I suspect that given the reaction and attention that has been heaped on the incidents since Saturday, whilst the club and Adebayor may feel he is innocent of the charge (in public at least), they feel that the chances of a succesful appeal are limited.

By accepting the charge, it is likely to just be a three game ban (which a red card at the time would have brought) rather than a potential bigger ban if the charge was contested.

I do, however, expect the second charge of improper conduct (for his celebration) to be contested ahead of the 30th September deadline.