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The contradictions of Richard Dunne

A player who was at one time ill-disciplined.

Yet leaves as club captain and a thoroughly respected figure.

Destroyed by Thierry Henry time and again.

Yet he was more than a match for Didier Drogba.

Arrived after being unwanted by Everton.

Leaves having made 351 appearances and a cert for the team of the decade.

He was considered a liability.

But was a pillar and cornerstone of our defence for the majority of his stay.

He was questioned technically.

He never lacked heart or fight.

Has a plethora of own goals and red cards to his name.

His partnership with Distin staved off relegation on more than one occasion.

Never universally won over the fans.

Won four consecutive supporters player of the year awards.

He must have done something right all this time.