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Charges galore?

The Guardian is reporting there could be a series of charges as a result of incidents from Sunday's derby.

They suggest Craig Bellamy could face a potential three-game suspension, after the FA admitting they were looking at the incident which saw him punch/push (delete as appropriate) the fan who ran on to the pitch. This of course would be subject to him being charged, and found guilty of, improper conduct.

The club have confirmed no action will be taken against him and from the noises coming out of the club, they would likely mount a defence of him should he be charged.

United themselves could face two charges, one for the incident where a coin struck Javier Garrido, and Che Neville could also find himself in hot water following his celebrations after United's winner, with Mark Hughes:
"...accusing his former team-mate of acting "like a lunatic" and, having run half the length of the pitch to make his point, it appeared to dawn on Neville that he could have landed himself in trouble. On the way back to the dug-out, he was keen to make it look as if he were just warming up, overlooking the fact that United had used their three substitutes."
In no way defending Neville here (nor Adebayor before him), I'm sure this is something we are now going to see more and more of in the game should Adebayor be found guilty and banned following the charge of improper conduct, as even a solitary complaint could force the FA to investigate. Knowing that doing so could result in an opposing player being banned, I'm sure, will make the likelihood of this even greater.

The police have also confirmed that the fan who was the recipient of Bellamy's fist/palm has been charged 'with going onto a playing area without lawful authority or excuse.'