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Why the Delph bid failed


"We had accepted an offer from Manchester City on Saturday which they had to go back with to the owner in the Gulf," Bates told Leeds' official website. "Then apparently they needed a week to think about it which surprised us, considering the size of the deal.

"The problem was they might have come back and said `no' and that wouldn't have been fair to Delph, wouldn't have been fair to Aston Villa, and would have eaten into our season.

"We went back to Villa and it's a good decision for Leeds and the player."


Some further comments toay from Ken Bates courtesy of Phil Hay's article in the Yorkshire Evening Post:

"Aston Villa's behavious was honourable throughout. They
never involved the media in this or did anything underhand, and they were very
clear that they wanted a deal to be done."The negotiations from start to finish
were above board and that's why the transfer went through smoothly."

Hardly a reference for a transfer negotiation policy, but saying that it isn't often you see Ken Bates and honourable in the same passage.

What I still fail to understand is why having registered at the very least a serious interest, we would then put the brakes on and ask for a week to think things through. Either we were hot on the player enough to warrant that interest or we weren't.

Clearly the fee wouldn't have been an issue, and negotiations seem to have gone smoothly with Villa so I don't see any curve balls being thrown.

From a City perspective it has been very quiet with regards this, and the MEN haven't picked up on this thread - perhaps at the behest of the club?

Yet there does appear to be a valid question to be asked of quite what happened with this deal.