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Sylvinho talks about the move

"It's great news for me that I'm back in the Premier League. Every player likes to play in this league, this is my second chance and I'm very proud to have been asked to come back over here.

"This club is changing a lot, but they have a great mentality and they want to make this club even bigger. That's great to hear for me, and to be part of this project will be exciting. A lot of good players have come here already, and it is promising to be a great season."

He also appears comfortable with the prospect of being more of a squad player, than an automatic first choice:

"Every player likes to play 100% of the time," he continued, "but you have to understand that the boss makes the decisions. You need a group of 24 or 25 players training at a high level to cope with all the different competitions over here."