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Petrov discontent

It seems Martin Petrov is none too happy with his likely diminished role this season, speaking to the Bulgarian press whilst on international duty:
"I don't see City depending too much on me this year, at least from what I have seen from the pre-season friendlies so far. No footballer is content with polishing the bench and I am no exception.

"I am not in the plans of the City officials or manager Mark Hughes.

"In the next week I will try to speak with Hughes and if I get the green light for a transfer I will start searching for a new team."
It is not an uncommon occurence for reports in the foreign press to surface in the British media, usually with the angle or emphasis distorted from the original interview.

This is not to say Petrov is content with things. Looking at the squad at Mark Hughes's disposal he will not feature in what many consider the strongest line-up.

Whilst Petrov will no doubt be fighting for a spot given the competition in that position, he is not alone. The midfield/attacking on the bench come opening day will undoubtedly be strong and whilst Petrov is likely to be frustrated I do think he will see playing time this season and provides Hughes with an option that he doesn't possess elsewhere.