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More on Lescott

Fresh from the news that Lescott had made official his desire for a transfer comes detail that David Moyes and Everton have rejected this request:
The defender told Moyes in a meeting at the club's Finch Farm training base yesterday morning that he wants to leave Goodison Park for Eastlands, where he would double his £40,000-a-week salary. Moyes responded by informing the 26-year-old he would not be sold regardless of City's offer or Lescott's desire to quit the club he joined for £5m from Wolverhampton Wanderers in 2006.
It does leave Lescott in a bind given that he has made his hand so clear, and the concern for him is the position he will be faced in should a move not now go through.

This potential move does have deadline day written all over it, which realistically means the price will continue to rise throughout the month. This of course begs the question of how high we actually go, and this will depend on how highly Mark Hughes values him (it does appear highly), and whether any alternative options are ( a) realistic and ( b) bring what Lescott offers.

My feeling is that now Lescott has made clear his intentions, the deal does go through, but it will continue to be a drawn out process and we pay far more than our initial offer for him.