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Medals not money

There were some interesting comments from Mark Hughes yesterday which largely went unreported by the media as a whole:
"We would like to think we have something different, something players can understand. Once we get the opportunity to speak to them, they very quickly get as excited as we are about what could happen at this club in the future." "It is about sitting down in front of these top players and telling them what we know will happen. Thee guys are all wealthy individuals. It's not about money at this level but about ambition, stimulation and giving them something to be really excited about, and we offer that at the moment."
It is a very good point that Hughes make. Whilst our transfers have been by and large dismissed by the media as nothing more than seducing players with the chance to join a 'mid-table club' by doubling (or more) their wages.

Whilst it could be easy for players to join an incumbent top four side, one who has a recent history of winning trophies, there they would be slotting into an already winning side. One that likely continues winning.

Would there not be a greater satisfaction to be part of something that takes a side somewhere rather than arriving at one already at the top? To be involved in the building of something great?

Take Gareth Barry as an example. By the time he retires from the game he could feasibly have around 6-8 seasons or so with us.

When he sits back at the end of his career, wouldn't it be something if he could sit back and say:

'Look at what we've achieved since I arrived. I took stick for arriving at a perceived mid-table club just for the money but I've been really part of something. I had the ambition and desire to succeed and knew what the potential was when I arrived.'

'The journey that I've been on has been phenomenal and the progress made unparalleled at the club. No-one thought we could do it, but we have. Achieving things never before achieved. We have proved them all wrong. What fantastic seasons we have had, and I have been part of this journey where we have risen from where we were to where we now stand, medals in hand. I have been part of the team that has taken the club to the very top.'

'And that achievement is far more satisfying than anything'.

This, make no mistake, is what Hughes and the club are trying to sell.