"The difference between this season and the last is the team spirit.

"From the moment we arrived back for pre-season the manager has been drumming it in to us about how we had to be better and mentally stronger this season.

"He said we had to have a better attitude and he was right. There were some bad habits in this squad last season.

"The manager and the coaches were trying to get us out of them last season but because we were in Europe and had so many games and so much travelling I always felt as though we just didn't have enough time on the training field and away from match situations to sort it out and put things right.

"What he has done this time is get players who have the right attitude. They are quality players of high calibre but they are also winners and that's the difference.

"These guys are inspirational. There is a hunger there and a desire and they have the right approach to everything. I want to play with these players. This journey is only just beginning."