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Elano : Why I had to leave

"I spoke with my national coach Dunga and he told me it will be difficult to enter me on his World Cup list if I am not playing football regularly," said Elano.

"I need time on the field. This season is very important. I dream of playing in the World Cup.

"I have received a few other offers, but this is the best one for me and City.

"I never had any problems with the coach, but Hughes may not have had total confidence in me."


Fair points, and with a World Cup on the horizon it is understand how a player would want to be involved week in week out - something that appeared unlikel if he had remained with the club. I'm not sure how truthful it is to say that he had no problems with Mark Hughes though.

It would be interesting though to see what other offers were on the table. Is it likely there were any from a Premier League side?

As expected though, the move hasn't pleased Robinho, who has seen his Brazilian counterparts dwindle away:

"I am very sad to see Elano go because he was a team-mate and has been a friend for many years. "I understand the decision but I always believed that he would be part of this project. I never believed the rumours and I will miss our dinners and meetings.

"I wish and believe that Elano will be king at his new club.

"City have made some great signings and it has been made complicated for some players.

"But I have spoken many times with the coach and praised Elano but it was the decision of the club and impossible to change."