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Crystal Palace player ratings

Given - More smart saves and another assured performance. Has not put a foot wrong since he signed. 7.5

- Struggled against the lively Moses after being booked early. 6

- The new captain had a strong all-round performance both defending and coming forward. 7

- A solid debut. Some struggles but to be expected playing so soon after signing. A good partnership with Toure looks a matter of time. 6.5

- Impressed with how he joins in the attack. Sound defensively too. 7

- Saw plenty of the ball and looked lively and creative. Took his goal well. 7.5

- Not flashy or a headline grabber but his role and work shouldn't be underestimated. Man of the match. 8

- Struggled to adjust to the new, deeper role. Some fleeting moments but few and far between. 6

- Work rate not in question, but we are not getting the best from him (like Ireland) in a less attacking role. 6

- I do like the look of him and has some good touches and link up play. Quieter than his previous games though. 6.5

- A real spark in the attacking third. Creative, works tirelessly and got himself on the scoresheet. Looks to be getting fitter. 7.5


Neither de Jong or Bellamy were on long enough to impact.