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Blackburn reaction

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Reaction from the blogs and press to the 2-0 victory at Blackburn:

The passing seemed more crisp, with players interchanging roles like we occasionally saw at Eastlands last season, and there was lots of tidy link-up play. A promising start, certainly. More of that and we'll be more than alright.


More interesting is that this battling performance was put in by a rather attack-minded team. Hughes surprised many of us by adopting a system that wasn't exactly a great success last year: one holding midfielder (Gareth Bary, then Stephen Ireland, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Robinho and two strikers - Emmanuel Adebayor and Craig Bellamy in this case. Not quite 4-1-5, but not exactly the cautious approach we expected.


The world wanted to know what would happen at Ewood Park. Not since Russia in 1917 were a mass of people more eager for the moneyed to fall. But yesterday the colour of the revolution looked not red but sky blue.


With ambition comes expectation, and with every million spent, the limits of what City are expected to achieve have been pushed further and further back. Against his former club, which he taught to box above its weight again, his new team faced their first public examination of substance. They passed. Just.


As openings to new City eras go, the whole of the game was less convincing. Blackburn were slightly unlucky. Stephen Ireland's late goal put a flattering gloss on a performance that had been adequately impressive without suggesting the top four need quake in their boots just yet.


Thousands of Manchester City fans overcame problems on the M61 to be at Ewood Park for the dawn of a new era. Their expectations, already high after a £100m summer spend by Hughes, reached the stratosphere in the third minute when their expensive signings combined to mesmeric effect.

A very satisfactory start to the new season. The bonus of an away win at Ewood park, which is never an easy ground to visit. It wasn't the best performance from city, but winning 2-0 with a performance like this is big step for city, we would of lost in the same situation last season.