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Would Michael Owen have been a good signing?

I've posted more in depth on Michael Owen over at Football Rants, and whilst the signing has potential (and definitely beneficial for Owen) I do think that the press would have really put the knife into him had he landed at Hull or Stoke as opposed to the move being a great opportunity.

Whilst we are still believed to be pursuing Carlos Tevez and/or Samuel Eto'o, I can't help but wonder if Owen would have been a great fit in our line-up with the attacking prowess that we have. Looking at the deal, it was reported as being a two-year contract at £40,000 per week so would not have represented a huge gamble on our part.

The lack of a true goalscorer was one of our failings last season and whilst the signing of Santa Cruz should address this, would Owen have been worth a gamble?

Would Michael Owen have been a good signing?(survey)