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Terry bid rejected

It was confirmed on that we have had a bid for John Terry turned down. Whilst there were reports in January that we had tentatively enquired as to his potential availability, a concerete offer has clearly now been made (with some suggestion that we used the ruse of Sturridge negotitations to the spring the formal offer on a 'stunned' Peter Kenyon).

Despite being rebuffed, it is reported that we are set to go back in with a further bid. It does surprise me however as whilst we can flex some muscle to bring Barry and Santa Cruz to the club it is a different scenario entirely with Terry. Notwithstanding that there is a school of thought that actually suggests Terry benefits from having played alongside the likes of Carvalho, if we are talking £18 million for Joleon Lescott, is the region of £30 million way too low.

For me, whilst every player has his price, it has to be at the right time. Terry is a lynchpin and appears wedded to Chelsea and is the embodiment of the modern day Chelsea (both good and bad). I just don't see them even contemplating a deal regardless of what offer we put on the table. Having been rebuffed in January when the position at Chelsea was less stable (with Terry reportedly butting heads with Scolari), I fail to see the logic in going after him once again and surely we are better pursuing targets elsewhere.