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Sheikh Mansour

One of the features carried on the new official site (not the smoothest) of launches incidentally) today was an interview with club owner, Sheikh Mansour. The main thread has been picked up in the press and a full transcript can be found at

The point that stood out for me was his talk of the long term project - a theme that has been constant since the new owners came on board:
We continue to be very clear in regard to our expectations and ambitions: We are competitors. We are here to win and to build a club that will be in a position to win trophies. That said, we know that will take time, and this is where a patient and pragmatic approach is essential. We know what we want and are very clear on our internal targets. What we have done in the last ten months sets the tone of the way we will do things very clearly.
They have been very impressive in their approach so far, and they clearly see the value of long term strategy rather than throwing money around for the sake of a quick fix.

Thankfully, we appear to be in good hands.