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Reports suggest Eto'o deal is close

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It has been widely reported - with the News of The World leading the story - the past twenty-four hours or so that Samuel Eto'o is set to arrive at the club this week, along with the announcement of the signing of Carlos Tevez.

Landing Eto'o would be a fantastic capture. Still only twenty-eight years old, he would bring a proven track record and a real presence up front. He seems a versatile player, able to fit into various formations and adapt to different style. Above all, he would bring that most valuable of qualities; goals.

The timing of it certainly fits as it is believed that Mark Hughes would like to tie up all of the summer signings by the first week of July. The potential sums of money involved are frightening though, a £25 million transfer fee (he has only season left on his current deal at Barcelona), and a weekly wage of £180,000 after tax.

It could be worth keeping an eye on a deal Barcelona are rumoured to be near to completing to bring Kerrison to the Nou Camp, as he would then be used to facilitate (via a loan transfer) a deal that would see David Villa move to Barcelona, freeing up Eto'o to move on.

UPDATE (23:19) back this up, suggesting a deal could be announced this week:
It is understood that Eto’o has verbally agreed to the move – having hoped there would be an intervention from Inter Milan who have tried and failed to sell Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Chelsea - that will make him the highest-paid player in the Premier League and, maybe, the world. City hope to make an announcement later this week.
We could be set for an interesting July 1st.