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Now for Lescott?

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Mark Hughes has been tidily ticking off his list of targets so far this summer, and if reports are to believed then Everton defender Joleon Lescott is now up next.

The move would make sense given there is a need to strengthen the defence both in depth and quality and Lescott possesses the characteristics Hughes has generally sought when bringing players to the club.

A potential fee could be in the region of £15-£18 million, with Lescott believed to be able to double his current salary. Everton do not appear to be in any rush to sell but the nature of the game these days is that there is no longer a player who isn't for sale. Rightly or wrongly, if Lescott walks into David Moyes's office and tells him he wants out then there is little Everton can realistically do bar trying and leverage as high a fee as possible.

The MEN follows up on this theme, stating that for a move to happen the ball is now in Lescott's court and that we may be able to sweeten the deal by including Jo in any offer.