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New kit launch

I spent this evening at a do organised by the club which launched the new kits ahead of the 'official' release of the kits this July and August.

I'm not normally one for being big on the kits, but I was really impressed with the 2009/10 offerings. Umbro have taken some stick on the forums and the like, but from what I saw tonight they are anything but like some of the other Umbro kits around, and Umbro were keen to emphasis the tailoring and design that has gone into them, with the material used being similar to that used for the England kit.

A personal favourite was the new home kit, which is a real basic, classic design - round neck, sky blue, with white shorts and white socks. The third kit got the thumbs up from most in attendance - a white shirt, with black and red sash (with a twist that the Etihad name is under the badge rather than across the front of the shirt).

The away kit was an all black look, with a gold slash on each shoulder and I liked the look of it, but it wasn't universally liked.

It was also good to spend some time chatting with Garry Cook - he is a really engaging guy with a tremendous amount of passion for the club and where he feels it is heading.