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Hughes on the Sturridge situation

City are understood to have offered £55,000-a-week, with Sturridge allegedly seeking nearer £80,000. Reports have since suggested Sturridge was set to become Carlo Ancelotti's first signing at Stamford Bridge. Hughes said that while he would like to secure Sturridge, he fears the teenager is more likely to move.

"I've got high regard for him, and would like to resolve the contract situation and keep him at the club," said Hughes. "But if he gets offers from elsewhere, there's not much I can do about that."


It's been a couple of weeks since the last update on the Sturridge situation, and with the press fixated on who may be arriving rather than leaving the club, the whole issue is sliding under the radar a little.

Perhaps this all weeks in our favour as I have no doubt players (and agents?) heads are turned by constant media speculation linking players here and there. I maintained from the start when talk of problems re-signing him first surfaced that I thought the end result would be that he re-sign, and the longer the situation continues the more confident I am that it will happen.