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Et tu, Samuel?

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Earlier today saw the press conference from the representatives of Samuel Eto'o, in which his future would supposedly be clarified. However, far from clearing up his current situation, we are left with more questions than we had at this stage yesterday.

To summarise today's events, we are left with the following potential scenarios:

Eto'o will stay at Barcelona and see out the final year of his contract:
However, Eto’o has one season of his present contract left to run and, rather than accept the riches on offer at City, he is preparing to see out the final year before leaving Barcelona for nothing next summer.
A move to ourselves could still be agreed:

"The club said coach Pep Guardiola did not want him. Guardiola has not told the player he is not required."If they have a serious offer from Man City and if they want to continue with this negotiation we could be interested."We haven't spoken to City but if Barca have reached an agreement it shouldn't be that difficult to reach a deal."

He would prefer to stay at Barca, but would be happy to join us if they wish to see him leave:
"I don't know if they really want Samuel to stay of if they just want to make money out of him. He would be delighted to stay if they want him and we will study their offer if it is serious, but if they don't want him we will do all we can to help Samuel find a new club. In theory he wanted to play in the Champions League, but if Manchester City have an offer accepted, we would be delighted to go there."
All clear?

The club have of course offered no comment regarding any move for Eto'o. Perhaps this is as a result of being stung in the same way following the failed attempt for Kaka. Of course, this gives us no idea of the clubs intentions - whether there is a genuine interest, how close we may be/have been to signing Eto'o and what potential there is to signing him.

It does look doubtful at this stage, yet neither Barca or Eto'o have categorically ruled out a deal which could leave an avenue open for us. I don't see though that a deal is likely to be concluded any time soon, which will clearly be frustrating, and I don't see Hughes or Cook wanting to be kept hanging around in the hope of concluding the transfer.