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Reader question

Having witnessed that gutless, spineless, passionless excuse for a team rolled over by a Rags side that rarely needed to get out of second gear I wonder with MH in charge whether we have effectively seen the end of 'derbies' as we knew them.

I don't ask that just because I rate Hughes as too negative, no not at all, I can sit and watch Kompany and De Jong pass the ball backwards and sideways all day with the best of them before its (eventually) hoofed up to the lone striker. No I ask it for this reason. Have any ex Man U. players EVER beaten a Fergie side? I don't have the stats. and to be honest can't afford the time to check them, but I have a very very strong suspicion that MH hasn't ever beaten him, nor Bruce, nor Robson, nor Coppell etc etc.

Now I'm not one for conspiracy theories usually, but I have often wondered this year whether MH gets a bigger pay check from OT than Eastlands.

It would be good though if bitter and blue could do the research and tell me whether I'm right or wrong.

Alan Meadows.
An interesting one, and from this link, it suggests that Ferguson's record against former players is a good one:
Sir Alex Ferguson has only been beaten five times in 55 Premier League matches against clubs managed by one of his former players. Mark Hughes has won two, drawn two and lost five of his nine league matches in charge of either Blackburn or Manchester City against his mentor.
I do actually agree with the email that both derbies this season have really lacked any sort of edge (from both sides) even when compared to some of the more one-sided ones in recent years. It is surprising though, given that results between ourselves and United have by and large been equal over recent seasons since we returned to the Premier League.