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The race for seventh

With yesterday's results (how nice would a Stoke equaliser have been?) matters a very tight, with just a single point seperating West Ham in seventh to Tottenham in tenth with just three games left:

West Ham 48pts
Man City 47pts
Fulham 47pts
Tottenham 47pts

One plus point in our favour is goal differential, which our +10 is way ahead of any of the other sides. Looking ahead to next weeks fixtures, neither of the four sides faces an easy ride - but with ourselves not playing until Sunday we will at least know how other sides have fared.

I do still think 53 points will be enough to grab seventh, although this will mean West Ham winning only one of their remaining fixtures, but if we were to get enough points from our remaining games to take seventh and qualify for Europe, it will ultimately be some achievement to put a run of that nature together so late in the season given how demanding the campaign has been.