"I talked at length with him last night," Hughes said. "The situation is as it always has been - we're very clear with where we want to go with the club and what direction we are taking on and off the field.

"We are in tune with what we want to do but we are totally frustrated and bemused by the speculation. It's come to a point where everyone has to understand that Mark Hughes will be the manager here next year. That has been made very clear to me."

>>Mark Hughes.

Like most of the City bloggers around, I would say that I am in the pro-Hughes camp and that it would be folly to dispense of his services without him having at least another season in charge. However, whatever decision is taken with regard to his future, you only hope that it is a swift one.

The past two summers have seen great upheaval at the club, and for the most part has seen speculation and rumour abound. If the board are as firmly behind Hughes as he feels they are, then the best scenario would be for them to come out in the aftermath of the Bolton game and say so.

Otherwise, expect to see us on the back pages even more during the summer.