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Derby thoughts

From Richard Dunne:
"He (Ronaldo) makes the most of the situation, I suppose. Some referees give free-kicks but some don't. Diving or not diving, he's impossible to mark when he's on form. He's similar to [Lionel] Messi. If they are on form then they are difficult to stop. He is the best player in the world and he plays the game to his advantage."
Nigel de Jong:
"There are so many more Blues than Reds," he says. "If I take a cab, the driver is a City fan. If I go to the shopping centre, all I see are City shirts. I was astonished when I first arrived because everyone was a Blue and I was asking everyone: 'How does that work? Manchester United are the biggest club in the world, aren't they?'

"People would explain to me: 'That's just a global thing, the real workers' club is Manchester City.' And it's true, it's a working club, and the people in Manchester can relate to this club because they are working people. They are very proud of it. That's why Manchester City is so big locally – not worldwide maybe, but definitely locally."

Mark Hughes:
"We're on a nice little run, four games unbeaten, and as I have said all week you have to go to Old Trafford with a lot of belief and confidence. That's what we have, we're playing well and winning games. We’re looking forward to Sunday, we're in decent shape and if ever there was a time for us to go to Old Trafford, it's now."