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Al Fahim buys Portsmouth

Portsmouth have accepted a bid from United Arab Emirates businessman Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim to buy the club.

The move follows negotiations led by Portsmouth executive chairman Peter Storrie on behalf of club owner Alexandre Gaydamak.

Al Fahim was the initial figurehead of the Abu Dhabi United Group when they took control of Manchester City last year, but is now acting for himself.

>>bbc sport.

For those with shorter memories, Dr Fahim was very much at the forefront in the early stages of the takeover with us last summer, being a very high profile and public figure indeed. So much so, that the actual owners he was representing quickly sought to distance themselves from him and some of the more outlandish statements that were made, opting for a more sober and understated approach that we have seen throughout the past season.

Now he finds himself not only at the forefront of a takeover, but this time the owner himself and at the very least it should liven things up at Portsmouth, who were reported to be struggling financially.

An interesting aside to the takeover, is despite the job performed by Paul Hart and Brian Kidd after Harry Redknapp departed for Tottenham, it is suggested Dr Fahim very much has is own man in mind, Sven Goran-Eriksson.