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Santa Cruz still looking for move

Unsettled Blackburn Rovers striker Roque Santa Cruz revealed to Radio Nanduti that he has been discussing his exit from the club over the course of recent weeks.

"I have already told [Blackburn], and they know that before the transfer window closes I would like to continue my career at a bigger, more ambitious team," revealed the 27-year-old.


Whilst we will no doubt be linked with any number of strikers during the summer months, if Mark Hughes remains in charge, then I would still think it likely that he will be the number 1 target (especially if we have no European football as the carrot to dangle in front of other prospective targets).

After missing out on Santa Cruz in January, it has been clear that we do still lack a genuine goalscorer with presence in and around the box and should his injury problems clear up, Santa Cruz could very well likely be the answer.