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The race for seventh

With back to back victories coupled with results elsewhere we have put ourselves very firmly back into the race for the seventh spot - and with it a place in next seasons Europa League.

My original post on this topic calculated 53 points as the necessary points total to secure this position, and a couple of games ago this looked on the low side but West Ham have stuttered of late after a good spell so I am inclined to still believe this number of points should be sufficient.

Fulham are now the team in possession with their 1-0 victory over Stoke, and they currently have 47 points - if we hadn't been disappointingly beaten by them a couple of weeks ago, we ourselves would be the side to beat.

As it stands, I feel we still need 3 wins from our final 4 games - which of course means a victory in at least one of our two remaining away games at United and Tottenham. After the win at Everton though, that particular monkey is at least off our back.

Current table:

7. Fulham P 34 Pts 47 GD +6
8. West Ham P 34 Pts 45 GD 0
9. Manchester City P 34 Pts 44 GD +8 10. Tottenham P 34 Pts 44 GD 0
11. Wigan P 32 Pts 41 GD -6