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Hughes and Richards in fall out

Mark Hughes's problems with disruptive players at Manchester City ­resurfaced ­ today when he was involved in a training-ground confrontation with Micah Richards, a player whose attitude and form are increasingly of concern to the club's management.

Richards, who was dropped for the game against West Bromwich Albion last Sunday, is alleged to have disobeyed Hughes when the players were called together for a meeting at the end of their final practice session before tomorrow's game at Everton. Rather than join the huddle, Richards started heading towards the changing rooms and, when he was called back, one witness reported to have heard him swearing.


Reports this morning don't overly focus on the fact that the issue between the pair was subsequently resolved, nor whether there was anything earlier which sparked the confrontation.

It remains unclear whether Richards will feature later today at Everton (although Pablo Zabaleta's absence will likely see a recall), but this incident probably sums up what has been a largely frustrating season for Richards - one in which he saw a marked drop off in form, fail to reclaim his England place and now, lose his place in the City side.

Mark Hughes will no odubt be looking to add to certain areas of the squad this summer, and if we do see a slew of quality signings brought to the club, could we see what at one stage would have seemed ludicrous in that Richards becomes surplus to requirements?