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Everton 1 City 2

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Finally the monkey is off our back.

An agonising wait for an away win (even longer in an away kit) is over, and the victory throws us right back into the race for a European spot next season.

In my preview, I wrote that I had a sneaking feeling that we would take the points from today's game - both through a combination of our improved play of late (particularly from our most creative talents) and the exertions that Everton have had this past week.

As Jack touched upon, the victory was an almost perfect example of how to win a Premier League away fixture, and despite conceding a late goal again when we have a lead, some of our recent defensive frailties were not in evidence today.

Robinho, so often maligned away from home came up with the goods today and turned in an excellent performance. It has been pleasing to see him speak so positively this week about the club and the future and with a Premier League season of experience behind him, just think of the impact he could have next season.