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Club announce further appointments

Following last week’s meeting of the Board, Manchester City Football Club is pleased to announce three new appointments to its Executive Leadership Team:

Graham Wallace, Chief Financial & Administration Officer

Responsible for leading and managing all Club financial matters in addition to overseeing the Information Technology, Human Resources, Legal and Administration functions. He joins the Club from IMG, where he is Senior Vice President of Finance for IMG’s worldwide Sports Media and Entertainment businesses.

David Pullan, Brand and Marketing Officer

Responsible for growing the Club’s supporter base. He joins the Club from Aegis Media, where he was President of Isobar Global Client Management.

Brian Marwood, Football Administration Officer

Responsible for supporting the Football Manager by building world-leading football infrastructure which will meet Mark Hughes’ requirements in terms of academy liaison, overseeing of medical, sports sciences and performance analysis, talent identification and player support.

The two positions of most interest are the 'Brand and Marketing Officer' and 'Football Administration Officer'. Clearly the club are really aiming big in terms of developing worldwide exposure and untapped potential overseas and this appointment seems a clear acknowledgement of that.

Perhaps more applicable to on-field matters is the appointment of Marwood, and it is interesting to see his role and responsibilities. It does not, on the face of it at least, appear that he is arriving as a technical director or at a position 'in charge' of Mark Hughes, more working alongside (or even for) him. It seems a strange role job description though, covering a multitude of roles that appear to function perfectly adequately at present.

Marwood appears to very much be a 'Cook man', so does his appointment then suggest further evidence of Hughes's position being secure for the long term?