"In fairness there have been a few signings in the 18 months before I came to City where in-depth background checks weren't carried out," Hughes told the Daily Star.

"In the circumstances the club felt that they needed a big influx of players in a short period of time.

"We're now looking for an optimum number of top-quality players to carry us through a long, hard season. So we will look at the numbers.

"Some players will look at their own situation and feel that they won't get that many opportunities in the future.

"They might feel it's in their best interests to move on. I would imagine there are situations where I probably agree with them. It's all about making sure the club is stronger."


I think it is fair to say which players Hughes is referring to (and the full articel provides a handy list) given the players from previous regimes (ie, Sven) who have largely been jettisoned this season - certainly so over the second half.

It's by far from being conclusive - and there is no real word from ownership on the subject, but there is certainly no signs that Hughes is thinking of anything other than him being in charge for the long term.