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City re-enter Deloitte rich list

The annual Deloitte football 'rich list' was published this week (link to pdf here) and after dropping out last year, we re-enter at number 20 with our revenue increasing from £56.9 million to £82.3 million (2007 report, 2008 report).

The revenue figure is based upon three revenues - matchday, broadcasting and commercial, with broadcasting dominating the overall figure, accounting for 53% of total revenue. Interestingly though, our re-appearance is largely due to our commercial revenue increasing by 45% to £20.5 million, citing our kit deal with lecoq sportif as a reason behind this.

This particular area (commercial) is something that the new ownership (and Garry Cook) are clearly targeting further and next years report will be interesting to see how far we have progressed in this particular regard.