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Santa Cruz frustrated over move

Slight overshadowed of late with most press attention on moves for Kaka and Bellamy, but Roque Santa Cruz will remain high on Hughes's wanted list.

Given the lack of progress over a move, Santa Cruz took to the press to try and advance his position:

"The truth is that I do not know how much they [Blackburn] want, actually I thought that what they were now offered, £16m, would be accepted," Santa Cruz, 27, told a Paraguayan radio station, Futbol a lo Grande.

"But apparently they are concerned about not finding a replacement when I go; that is what is giving them doubts.

"You hear all the time that the club have asked for £20m and I don't know if City are going to offer that or if they are going to increase their bid. For US$35m–37m (£25.4m) Blackburn said that I will be allowed to leave.

"I will communicate and talk to the club and the coach, they know my position. I want to go."

It all sounds fairly stern stuff from Santa Cruz - who is not a stranger to putting his message out via the press - and I imagine Blackburn will soon have to decide what path they want to follow with him.

I would still be extremely surprised if he didn't sign with us by the end of January, with both clubs giving a little to get the deal done - although it may well go to the wire to get completed.