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More on the Kaka bid

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After I initially posted that the news had not got a great deal of attention, the story blew up everywhere today with a mass of news, quotes and reports across both the press and TV.

What is clear is that there was a meeting that took place, with The Guardian suggesting a combined bid of £91 million was put to Milan to acquire not only Kaka, but Rino Gattuso and Dida as well.

Some cold water has now been poured on the possibility of a move with it being reported that Kaka is happy to remain at The San Siro but his agent has hinted that if the offer is right then he would consider it.

This morning - perhaps carried along with the press - it certainly looked as if there was a good chance of the move occurring, with it even being suggested that a deal could be agreed before the end of the January window but matters do look less clear now and it will be an interesting few days to see if any progress is made.

What seems to to be the concensus view by those 'in the know' is that Kaka needs to be convinced that we are heading in the right direction in order to match his ambition. Clearly, on the pitch we are not yet able to do that which lends even more weight to the importance of the second half of the season.

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