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Bellamy set to arrive after all?

The Welsh international striker walked out on his club on Friday when they refused him permission to talk to Tottenham, who were also prepared to pay the asking price. He said he would never play for West Ham again. Harry Redknapp, the Tottenham manager, said that he undestood Bellamy wanted to play for him and that Daniel Levy, the chairman at White Hart Lane, was negotiating his transfer. Last night, however, West Ham insisted that they would not do business with their principal London rivals and agreed terms with City.
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It seems that although Bellamy stormed out of the club on Friday after being told he wouldn't get his move to Tottenham, there is little chance West Ham will relent and grant him a transfer to White Hart Lane.

Not surprising given they have lost a number of players to Tottenham previously, and this of course could play into our hands as it leaves West Ham with a player who no longer has a working relationship with them with ourselves as the only option available as a way out.

Talk in todays press suggests a bid of £14 million will secure the move. Far too much for my liking, but again, relative in terms of the resources we have available.

As mentioned time and again here, he could offer certain qualities, but - added to the impending return of Bojinov - I fail to see exactly where Bellamy fits in to our line up and formation and far better to concentrate on out and out goalscorer.