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A welcome end to a poor year

We have now rounded out the 2008 calendar year, and all being told it hasn't been the most successful year. Interesting also that despite the recent calls for Hughes's head there was an (admittedly slight) improvement on the finish to Sven's tenure.

A total of 38 games have been played - 18 to round out 2007/08 and 20 to begin 2008/09, with it being a toss up for which has been the most disappointing. The slide over the second half of last season was an underwhelming end to a season which offered so much promise, whilst the expectation heading this campaign has not been realised by results on the pitch (UEFA Cup aside) so far.

Our total record for 2008 is as follows:

P38 W 11 D8 L19 Pts41

This is comprised of:

2007/08 P18 W5 D4 L9 Pts19
2008/09 P20 W6 D4 L9 Pts22

If this were translated over the course of a full season it would signal a relegation battle, and whilst the expectation is that January will herald a bright new chapter it does illustrate that there is still plenty of work still to be done.