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Santa clause

"I have to say the people here at Blackburn are fantastic, I am very happy with the fans.

"But, I don't want to miss the chance of playing with a big side. If a bigger club came in for me then I would like to take that opportunity.

"I also understand the interests of Blackburn as well and they do not want to lose players.

"I want to watch out for myself but I have to think of Blackburn. It is a very hard decision."
>>Roque Santa Cruz.

The MEN reported yesterday that we are set to exercise the clause in Santa Cruz's contract that allows him to speak to other clubs should a minimum fee be met - despite the desire of Sam Allardyce to keep hold of him.

Given our striking woes - both on the pitch and in terms of injuries - I would be amazed if reinforcements aren't brought in during the January window and Santa Cruz does seem to fit the bill.

Jack has a nice summary of his achievements here, and the worry for me is that he has 'one season wonder' written all over him. Coupled with this is I don't see him being a success (has anyone been?) in the lone striker role that both Hughes and Sven before him deployed.

It may be a different story though if played as part of a two man attack, as this is where he did achieve success last season at Blackburn, and would this get the best out of Robinho?

News of the Blues also weighs in on this subject.