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Back to back

Whilst we have put together impressive performances this season which have hinted at better things to come, the reality has been anything but as we have struggled to put together any sustained period of consistency.

A look at our results this season suggests consistency is something that we have just not been able to achieve, resulting in us languishing at the wrong end of the table for the most part.

Our six wins this season have been followed by the results in italics:

West Ham (h) 3-0, Sunderland (h) 3-0
Sunderland (h) 3-0, Chelsea (h) 2-3
Portsmouth (h) 6-0, Wigan (a) 1-2
Stoke (h) 3-0, Middlesbrough (a) 0-2
Arsenal (h) 3-0, United (h) 0-1
Hull (h) 5-1, Blackburn (a) ?

What is striking is that apart from the Sunderland victory at home, we have lost each game following a victory - notably two underwhelming away defeats to Wigan and Middlesbrough.

Blackburn will be a big test tomorrow given that the arrival of Sam Allardyce has seen a win and a draw against Stoke and Sunderland, without conceding a goal in the progress. Clearly we have the players and system to be able to post a victory at Ewood Park, but both Blackburn and Sam Allardyce have enjoyed success over us at the past. Form during the course of this season does not suggest we will be able to do this however.

With the victory over Hull being labelled a statement victory by Mark Hughes, it is time for the side to now put together the sort of consistent run that Hughes yearns for.