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Schmeichel set for stiff test

Mark Hughes' desire for an experienced goalkeeper to
challenge Joe Hart has been reinforced by the England international's two-week
enforced absence with an ankle injury, though Kasper Schmeichel has been told
that Hart's position will be his for the toughest 10 days in Manchester City's


Schmeichel has often spoke of wanting another opportunity at the club, and admitted being frustrated at being sat on the sidelines, and the next couple of weeks will certainly put him in the spotlight given the games we are facing..

I don't think that Hart can have too much (if any) blame attached for the porous defence that we have seen this season, but given his record at the start of last season maybe Schmeichel can come in and spark some life into the defence.

If so, it will certainly give Hughes a selection dilemna upon Hart's return from fitness.