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Elano's thoughts

A nice interview in The Observer today with Elano, in which he mainly talks of his fond relationship with Robinho - something which is integral in helping Robinho settle in.

'There are times when I think I'm not useful any more,' Elano says. 'But behind all that there is a good feeling about the City supporters and I respect that a lot. I feel they love me and I enjoy being part of this club. I just feel sad sometimes because I know what I can do and I helped to build a lot of things last year. I was the main scorer and did good things, but today I can say I changed my way of playing to serve the team. I want to be useful, but sometimes I feel left on the side.

'I will never change my behaviour towards my friends and I'm not saying bad things about the manager. He has the right to do whatever he wants. Yet it leaves me sad because I have my own targets and I'd like the manager to force me to do things because I'm the type who has the capacity to do many things. Learning that Mourinho mentioned my name, that leaves me very happy. It gives me a lot of tranquillity knowing that top people think highly of me.'

I have posted previously about Elano being the odd man out this season, something which I expected more of - although he has had to accept a deeper role in order to be accomodated into the side of late.

There is nothing to suggest Elano is anything other than settled at the club, but with the arrival of Robinho and emergnce of Ireland this season, his frustration is evident and the chances of seeing him scale the heights of the first half of last season are not looking that likely at the moment.