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City 2 Liverpool 3 - player ratings

Hart - Not particularly tested, but could have been stronger on Torres's second goal. 6.

Zabaleta - Solid enough. Perhaps unlucky with the sending off as it was more deserving of a yellow. 6.

Garrido - Great strike for the free-kick, but beaten far too often. 6.

Dunne - An impressive display. Threw his body on the line. 7.

Richards - A strong performance, but allowed Torres to escape for Liverpool's second. 7.

Kompany - Neat and tidy once again. 7.

Elano - Played some excellent balls, but struggled as Liverpool gained the asecndancy. 6.

Ireland - Good first half, but like many was not involved enough after the break. 7.

Wright-Phillips - Some good movement and effective runs, but wasteful in possession too often. 6.

Robinho - Bright and bubbly, but a bruising afternoon and did not receive enough protection. 7.

Jo - Held the ball up well, but not enough play where it really mattered. 6.


Gelson - Out of position and over whelmed late on. 5.

Evans - A willing runner but little effect. 6.

Petrov - Not really in the game. 6.