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Takeover confirmed

Following the announcement on 1st September 2008, relating to the potential investment in Manchester City Football Club Ltd by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan and his group, the Club is delighted to confirm that the process of due diligence has now been concluded by all appropriate parties. As a result of the conclusion of negotiations and all related contracts, the purchase of the football club from UK Sports Investments Ltd (UKSIL) has been finalised and the formal change of ownership of the football club will take place on Tuesday 23rd September 2008 and a further statement will be issued in due course.

Since the stories that first eminated in the wake of the takeover, we have seen a real change in terms of the potential approach from the new owners.

Far more emphasis has now been placed on talk of the Academy, and building on the existing foundations that are in place as opposed to grandiose plans of wantonly throwing millions of pounds in the hope of assembling a galaxy of world stars.

Given the seismic changes that the club has undergone in recent weeks, and the potential possibilities now open to us, it is imperative that there is strong management in place, and reports do suggest that the new ownership have been impressed with Mark Hughes and have no plans to replace him.

This is a good move for me, as from the short period of time that Hughes has been in charge he has been impressive in how he is handling the role, in what is in all honesty a huge step up for him in terms of his time at Blackburn.

He of course lacks experience, but definitely displays strong leadership. He will be undoubtedly tested but does seem to have what it takes to succeed and is very much his own man so could be the perfect choice for what is a crucial position, and dare I say it, a better option than Sven would have been?