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Sell out

All summer long, and particularly with the pursuit of Ronaldinho, Thaksin sought the kind of blockbuster, impact signing that would fill the missing few thousand seats and see the ‘Full House’ signs put back up.

Ironic then that the first game in the post-Thaksin era is now a sell out and potentially a record crowd for Eastlands, with the international break and our next opponents (Chelsea) adding to the hype surrounding the takeover and addition of Robinho (not to mention Shaun Wright-Phillips of course).

Far too early of course to be accused of having gained a number of new fans hitching themselves to the bandwagon, more likely there will be plenty coming back into the fold who were disillusioned with how things have gone on the pitch over the past few years, or those disaffected because of Thaksin’s association with the club.

It should make for a cracking atmosphere on Saturday, and once the inevitable England inquisitions have died down, expect the hype to be cranked up by the media.