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Robinho to elevate the current squad

Robinho – and the effect he has on all around him – is the reason for that. Hughes also told a story yesterday about the scene in the Manchester City dressing room before the Chelsea match which captured the excitement and self belief he has engendered. "He was doing tricks with the ball in the dressing-room and all the guys were applauding him. So, straightaway, he won them over," Hughes said. "Good Premier League players look at top players coming in to their club and view it as a challenge. Players are quickly looking to see if another player is as good as people say he is. 'Will he help us to win games?' The answer is he will do. And players are responding."

A lot has been written since the takeover regards the fact that the current squad will likely feel alienated or a sense of disatisfaction at the prospect of a raft of new arrivals set to take their place in the side.

An interestingly little story from Mark Hughes and perhaps does hopefully placate those fears and illustrate that the opposite is true, and that the current squad will elavate their own game with the likes of Robinho joining the squad, rather than simply giving up the fight.