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Deadline day - rumours round-up

And if the Berbatov offer wasn't stunning enough, with just over 3 hours remaining until the deadline, we are still being linked with some high profile moves.

Sky Sports are confirming that we have tabled bids for David Villa and Mario Gomes (first reported by Marca I believe).

Setanta are also confirming we are trailing Benfica striker Ariza Makukula.

Perhaps most stunning of all though is the news that we have bid for long standing Chelsea target Robinho, slapping in a late bid for the Brazilian.

Of the Villa, Robinho and Gomes bids, I would put the Gomes one as most likely given that Villa has only recently signed a new deal at Valencia and by all accounts does not fancy a move to England, whilst we are surely too late with Robinho - who would I guess prefer a move to Chelsea.

Gomes is highly touted in the Bundesliga, but had a shocking Euro 2008 tournament, but we could certainly provide a bigger financial incentive for him to move than he would get anywhere in Germany.

Makukula I know nothing of, but haven't seen this verified anywhere else so I'd take this as a long shot.

The difficulty we have is that with the new ownership money not being available until today, it is likely we are starting very late in trying to get deals made.

I'm hopeful we may get one or two players in,